Your Opinion Matters

In today’s high stakes testing climate, advocacy efforts on behalf of music education have become paramount to the success of our programs. To that end, the better we understand what organizations and programs are having the greatest impact in this area, the greaterer the gains we can make.

Two weeks ago, we “teased" this issue by asking what you would do to help music education if we gave you one million dollars. The answers were as diverse as they were impressive. It was evident in reading the responses how important you believe advocacy is, and made us want to hear more from you. To that end, we have put together a brief survey to get a “wide-angle” look at this important issue and are hoping you will share your thoughts with us.

We recognize that their are many dedicated and AMAZING educators and organizations doing incredible work; however, in the interests of clarity and brevity, we have tried to limit the response choices to organizations that are widely recognized and operate on a national level. Since our email database is primarily made up of instrumental music teachers, we have not included organizations affiliated with choral music as the results would not be statistically valid.

You owe us nothing and have no reason to participate other than professional kindness. However, the more responses we get, the more valuable the information becomes. As was promised with the “million-dollar” question, we promise to share the data with you in the coming weeks.

This survey is not meant to stand the scrutiny of a doctoral dissertation or question the work of the many dedicated people who believe in the power of music in our schools. We are merely trying to better understand what works and what is having an impact that we can develop and modify programs to have the greatest impact possible.

Please share this with all of your colleagues/assistants/friends/music supervisors/etc. All responses are completely anonymous.

Take the survey now.

No, really…

Please take the survey now.

Thanks to all of you who work tirelessly to teach your students and advocate for this activity. You do make a difference and you are having an impact.


With great sincerity,