Clean out the clutter!

One of my favorite days of the year was the first Monday after the end of marching band.  I would sleep in, arrive to school AFTER the sunrise, dress in normal clothes, and enjoy a cup of coffee in the cozy and quiet confines of my office.  What followed for the remainder of the day was a thorough and well orchestrated cleaning of the entire facility.  Marching instruments and equipment were cleaned and put away, silks were folded, music was filed, lockers were inspected, pit carts were disassembled and the smelly old clothes and shoes were banished.  We would play rock music over the sound system and giggle while we cleaned. I LOVED this day.

It was more than a physical cleaning, it was a mental and emotional cleansing. It afforded all of us a chance to put away the baggage of the past sixteen weeks and review our commitment to the remaining challenges ahead. There was a little sadness, and some relief, but most of all, it was an acknowledgement and an acceptance that it was time now to focus on other pursuits. It truly was a fresh start for everyone!

Whether your season ended in success or disappointment does not change the fact that everyone needs closure...physical, emotional and intellectual. Now is the time for a fresh start for the room and the people in it!