America's Snow Day

As we speak, most of America is in the grip of one of the largest winter storms ever recorded.  With so many schools closed, my unofficial observation tells me that today may be the largest "snow day" in the history of our country.

So what do music teachers do on a "snow day?"  They turn it into a "work from home day."  Believe it or not, my inbox is overflowing and my phone has been ringing off the hook with directors who are using today to catch up and get ahead.  Really? As long as you are working, (you're reading this email aren't you?) I thought I would help you fight off the winter chill with some warm thoughts.
Like many of you, I watch the evening news to get a glimpse of what is happening in the world. Last night, I was inspired by a story of thousands of people standing as one against ISIS/ISIL. My fixation was not just on WHAT they were protesting, but HOW they were protesting...through song.  It turns out that in the Middle East, music is the force that can bridge gaps of geography, language, education and religion among the people. Music is their common cultural thread and has been for thousands of years.

When you teach music, you teach more than notes on a page. You teach self-discipline and personal expression. You teach values and give a sense of belonging. You connect children to other children not just in your classroom, but to children halfway across the world.  Something to think about and perhaps talk to your students about as you return to your classrooms.

Now do yourself and your students a favor. Step away from the computer, play with your children, and take a long nap.  Trust me, wrong notes, bad tone, broken reeds, and lost music will still be there tomorrow.

Take care, be safe, and stay warm and if your still on a snow day, go do something fun!
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p.s.  We interrupted our previously written email to bring you this not so important weather update. We will return to our regularly scheduled broadcast next week with an announcement that will blow your socks off! Seriously, be prepared and wear two pair of socks next Wednesday. In case you hadn't noticed, it's cold out there!