Spring Broken

Honestly, I think we should declare the week after spring break "SPRING BROKEN!" I mean, the past tense of “break” is broken, right? And, anyone who has seen a post spring break rehearsal knows that something is broken!

I know that most of the country is ready for spring but be careful what you wish for! With the onset of warmer temperatures comes the natural beauty of Mother Nature and the unnatural things that come with it; hormonal teenagers, inappropriate clothing, field trips, prom assemblies, yearbook signing events, and the dreaded, non-fatal disease, senioritis. I wish we could forget about Ebola and work on a vaccine for this!

With all of the interruptions that impede teaching and learning, it's easy to get frustrated with the lack of progress by your groups. Having been there myself, allow me to offer some unsolicited advice: pick your battles carefully and you will win the war.  
Take time each week to remind your students (and yourself) of your expectations. Acknowledge the many distractions, academic and otherwise, and tell them that you understand how crazy this time of year is. Lesson plan along side the school calendar and look for anything that will interrupt your rehearsal process. Don’t forget to think about the non-scheduled interruptions (like senior ditch day) and plan appropriately for those too. Hint: ditch day is a GREAT day to announce events/show themes for next year. This will not only make your groups more productive but also save your sanity.

You can fight your way through this seasonal period of chaos, but I think now is a good time to remember the old adage, “Be willing to lose the battle so you can win the war!”