Manny Pacqiao Has Nothing On You!

You are the Manny Pacqiao of the education world! Wait, before you get all bent out of shape, let me explain.                                                                    

No, that doesn't mean you're a loser.
No, you're not short (although there is nothing wrong with short!).
No, you didn't make 110 million dollars Saturday night.
But, you are a fighter!
The latest data suggests that almost 17% of teachers leave the profession after year one. Thirty-two percent of teachers leave by year three, and more than half of all teachers will leave the profession by the end of year five. Just when you start to get good, you get gone!
Maybe it's dealing with misbehaving children or parents. Perhaps it's the battle with administrators and budgets. It could be the low pay and long hours or all combination of the above. Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that 50% of the people who become teachers couldn't take the beating. They trained for the fight, got to the fight, and made it to hear the opening bell but not the closing one. Unlike Manny, they exited the ring before the fight was over.
Not you! You're no quitter. You fight the good fight, each and every day. You win some rounds, and lose some rounds, but you vow to keep fighting as long as the kids keep coming. You are going to finish the fight until they ring the final bell of your career because you are a fighter!
Yes, sometimes you take a beating. Some days you feel bruised and battered. And yes, while you may not always win, the fact that you are still in the ring makes you a champion.  Manny Pacqaio has nothing on you!