Fantasy Football and the San Francisco Symphony

Duh Dunt Dun Duhnnnnnnnn (imagine that was the music into to Thursday Night Football). Can you see the logo? Can you smell the barbeque? Can you hear the drone of Howard Cosell’s voice? Do you remember Howard? Well, he may be gone but football is BACK!
Yes, the gods of the gridiron are here once more and thank goodness! The six month void of football after the Super Bowl has been torture. Seriously, if nothing else, we can finally talk about something other than “deflate gate.” Yeah, yeah… I know about baseball, but honestly, baseball only interests me in April and October, the other 135 games are lost on me.
Yes, I am a football fan. Flag, high school, college, NFL, I don’t care. I love it all! Heck, if anyone wants to play a little two-hand touch in the parking lot before a workshop, I’m in.

I love everything about football: the crowds, the energy, the passion, the pageantry, the big screen bliss, and most of all, THE HALFTIME SHOW! We could argue which came first, football or halftime, but that would be like arguing over which is more important, the ice cream or the cone. I love them both.

Two years ago, to up my football “fix,” I joined a fantasy league. This added a whole new dimension to my Sunday mornings as I was forced to look at player stats and individual accomplishments more than team records.

Last night was our annual draft and the room was full of bravado and trash talking. As I was contemplating my seventh round selection (defense vs. back up running back) I thought, "What if we did this for music?"  What if we had to draft a fantasy team of musicians to create an ensemble?

Who would you pick as your QB (conductor): Dudemel, Cramer, Corpron? Who would you pick as your starting running back (soloist): Marsalis, Martin, Sandoval? Who would be your defense (Brass): the CSO, SFO, or Canadian Brass? Who would you choose for offense (Woodwinds): San Francisco, London Philharmonic, New York Met? Who would call your plays (composer): Holst, Saucedo, Mackey, McBeth? Where would your stadium be: Carnegie, Kennedy, Disney? And perhaps most important, would all of these “players” translate into a team?
Yes, your job is to teach the woodwinds and coach the brass. Yes, your job is to clean the drill and shape the phrase. More than anything though, your job is to take the players you have and build a team. Team’s win championships. Superstars? Well, they only count in fantasy land.

Have a great week and Go Bills! This is going to be our year!