Michael Markowski and our elevator adventures...

Michael Markowski is more than one of my favorite composers, he is one of my favorite people. He’s as thoughtful as he is thought provoking and has more integrity than most people twice his age. For years I have been trying to get him to sit down and film a webisode with me and this is the year we made it happen! Well, sort of...

We started filming in the lobby of the 19th floor at the Chicago Hilton and Towers, where it proved to be too stuffy for either of our likings, so we left our gear, I grabbed my iPhone, and said, “Follow me."
What followed was ten minutes of hilarity as we filmed our webisode riding the elevator from floor to floor involving whomever wandered in. Trust me, these are webisodes worth watching. Click on the links below to watch and giggle.
Webisode 1: Tone clusters, the composition process, and Michael’s good looks

Webisode 2: Fellow composers Larry Clark and Tyler Grant share their advice
There, don’t you feel better? You achieved one of your New Year's goals, you finished reading my e-zine! Now, go celebrate by hiding a pair of drummers sticks. Heck, let’s really celebrate, hide them all!

Have a great week, I missed all of you!