Watch me go all fanboy

You're on my list mister! No, it has nothing to do with who's been naughty or nice. It's not that kind of list. My list is a kind of bucket list. Not of things I want to do, but of people I want to meet. The list has been my constant companion for decades, but has changed and evolved and over time. When I get the opportunity to remove a name from the list, I simply add another. It is a work in progress.

I've never been described as a shy person. I am unabashedly bold and at times somewhat brazen. I come by it naturally as my mother is the exact same way. I remember her telling me at a very young age, "You can go anywhere you want and meet anyone you want, as long as you are polite, courteous, and willing to leave when they ask." Following in her gregarious footsteps, I have never been shy about going all "fanboy" on someone, musically or otherwise!

The combination of my tenacity, audacity, and lack of decorum knows no bounds and once I have you in my cross hairs, it is unlikely you will escape without a meet and greet. When I see my prey, I lay in waiting ready to pounce at the opportune moment. You call it stalking, I call it ... Fennell, Reed, Paynter, Revelli... I met them all and glad to say that I have. Through it all, only one name from my original list remains... Ray Cramer. He has been the Clark Kent to my Superman, the Snuffleuppagas to my Bob and Maria, the... well I think you get the point. We've been in proximity of each other but have never met, that is UNTIL NOW.

A recent chance meeting, turned into a webisode, which turned into coffee, which turned into lunch. Trust me when I say that hanging out with Ray Cramer for three hours was truly a bucket list moment for me.