Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

I am a green type guy. My wife has me reduce, reuse, and recycle on a regular basis. Yes, I even know the difference between type 2 and type 3 recycleable products. Well... Actually, I don't, but my wife has explained it to me several times!

Despite all of that, I generally try not to "re-cycle" articles. It's not that the ideas aren't current or relevant, it's just that... Well, it makes me feel lazy! You know, like I took the easy way out and didn't dig deep to find something new and fresh.

But recently, I received a request to re-print an article from three years ago called, "A Night of Firsts..." The teacher who wrote to me said she had read it before every first football game but could not find her copy. She encouraged me not to just to re-send it to her, but to reprint it for everyone. Her letter was so sweet and passionate, I decided to honor her request.

Here's to Beth and my attempts at bein' green.