How can it get better than this?

If you were to sit down next to me right now and ask, “What’s new?" I would tell you that: 

  • This week I will cross the threshold of 1,000 workshops.
  • This week I have traveled more than one million miles on a plane.
  • This week I will enter the month of my 50th birthday.
  • Last week, my son started middle school.
  • Last week, my family said their final goodbyes to my wife’s father 

If you were to sit down next to me right now and ask me “What are you thinking?" I would answer, “Rituals, milestones, and how many we miss.”

Today is an important day to be sure. If not for you, for someone close to you. For instance:

  • Today is someone’s first day of music.
  • Today will be someone’s last.
  • Today is someone’s first day of teaching.
  • Today is someone’s first day of retirement.
  • Today is someone’s first experience with marching band.
  • Today is the start of someone’s last.

Each and every day marks a moment, musical, personal, and otherwise. Some we honor, while others we ignore. Some are joyful, while others are not. Some are within our control and some are outside of it. But, they are important moments none the less and they all deserve to be observed and acknowledged. 

As I mentioned, we recently lost my father-in-law, who was an incredible man. In the final days before his passing, his visitors spoke confidently of the great beyond and the bounty that would await him when he left this earth. Despite being in a great deal of pain, and imprisoned by a body ravaged by cancer, he would respond with, "I don’t see how it can get any better than this.”

As you stand on your podium or tower today, experiencing the heat and humidity, it would be easy to think about your next objective, rehearsal, or meeting. You may have a passing thought about your next job, or retirement, but instead, I want you to celebrate the moment. Celebrate the fact that we get to make a difference and have an impact in this world. Celebrate the fact that you get to work with kids instead of adults. Celebrate that while others are bemoaning how lazy millennials are, you get to stand in front of the hardest working kids in the school. Celebrate the fact that you are not in a cubicle. Celebrate that you have music in your life each and every day. Just take a moment and CELEBRATE.

This job is hard and not for the faint of heart. This job requires you to sacrifice on a personal, physical, and professional level. But as hard as it gets, I would have to agree with my father-in-law and say, "I don’t see how it can get better than this.”

Have a GREAT week and celebrate!