A Dream Deferred and a Memory Ensured!



There are milestones in your life that deserved to be observed and celebrated. A time to reflect and rejoice, not just at the destination, but at the journey that brought you there. The highs, the lows, and everything in between. 

I think we can all agree that the big 50 is one of those moments. Last year for my 50th birthday I had a grand plan. It involved some time off, a celebration, and a trip to New York City to see Billy Joel Live at Madison Square Garden

But plans change.

The passing of our familial patriarch necessitated us to put things on hold and tend to our grieving family. 

Before I knew it, I was back on the road, watching summer turn to fall from the windows of planes and hotel rooms. The dream would be deferred.

Six months later, sitting with some close friends and neighbors, they shared with me their conundrum of not knowing how to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary, which coincidentally was on the same day as my birthday. After bandying ideas back and forth they declared they would likely just do nothing.

“That’s a mistake!” I said. “You never get these moments back, and it is something worth celebrating. DO SOMETHING!” I implored.

"What would you do?” my friend asked.

"Billy Joel at MSG!” I said without hesitation.

What followed was a excited conversation about this historic monthly event and how I had wanted to see it since it began four years ago.

Without missing a beat, my friend Jeni said, “We'll go if you will!” 

Within minutes the decision was made. Within hours, show tickets were bought and travel reservations were made.

This past weekend, four of our closest couple friends (yes, I said four) traveled to NYC to see the icon in an iconic place.

The dream deferred became the memory ensured.

What took me so long? I don’t know. 

I am not a believer in destiny, but I am a believer that you can find good in just about everything, this trip being no exception. Had the trip not been postponed, it would not have turned into the spontaneous four couple combustion of fun that it was.

Whether you are three weeks in or starting school next Tuesday, you likely already have a pre-destined idea as to what this year will be about. A year of triumph, a year of rebuilding, or something in-between. Regardless of your pre-determination the year will unfold and unfurl exactly as IT chooses to. The trick is to teach your students to accept what comes, embrace the moment (good and bad), and remember that… 

A dream deferred just might be a memory ensured.

p.s The concert was AMAZING! At times it was emotional for me, and not just because of the songs, or the setting. It was the celebration of being in the moment, a very special one, with special people. The only thing missing, he didn’t play Summer Highland Falls. Maybe I just need to go back. Who is in?