Tim and I are Barnstorming Down the California Coastline


As I mentioned last week Tim and I are on the road and making our way through the golden state in search of the perfect guacamole.


But more on that in a bit.

Prior to our session in San Jose, Tim and I sat down with Saratoga High School director extraordinaire Michael Boitz (chapter 3 in my book Leader of the Band) and answered some of the questions you submitted last week. Just prior to the taping I learned something new about Tim that was a bit surprising. Take a look at the clip below and see what it is.

By the time you read this, our week long adventure will be almost half-over and I can honestly say that it has been everything I had hoped for, PACKED houses, great kids, and some real quality time with a man I truly respect and admire. I put together this trip for selfish reasons. I did it for me... And guacamole!

If you are looking for more than the perfect recipe, you will want to watch the video. Chucho took us through the art of making and presenting the perfect guacamole.

We hope you have enjoyed this little snippet of our trip. For those of you who chose to follow us on our journey, you will get more updates throughout the week or you can follow us on social media below.

- Scott & Tim