Never one to provide the answer and always the one to ask the questions, Scott’s writings challenge us to think about what we are doing and why we are doing it. It is a must read for any music educator who ever stood in front of a group of kids and at some point thought…"Seriously?!"

I teach because I enjoy it. I teach because it is what I want to do. I teach because it makes me feel good. I recognize that the by product is that I do it for the children, but I do it because of me. (from the chapter “MY DIRTY LITTLE SECRET.”)

“Thank you Scott for this essay. I love your new book already.
— Joelle Lien, Associate Professor of Music Education, University of Utah

Anyone who has ever seen Scott speak or has
read his books knows that his irreverent wit and
unconventional thought process makes him as
entertaining as he is educational. Not afraid to
challenge conventional wisdom or traditional
thought, SERIOUSLY?! takes educational
irreverence to a whole new level as he asks:

Why are most parents thieves?
What does gun control and marching band
have to do with one another?
Why should we spend more money on
marching band?
Would you rather eat a bowl full of bug guts
or bathe in a tub of worms?
Why is Scott in a safe house, hiding from
a gang of vengeful knitters?

Written in a warm and conversational style,
Scott invites his readers to sit down, pull up a
chair, and stay a while as we ponder this
profession called music education. It is the
book you will not only read twice but share with
a colleague.

There are two kinds of students in high school: band kids and juvenile delinquents. In Scott’s case, he appears to have been both.
— Harry Dinkle, World’s Greatest Band Director