Introducing a new leadership curricula delivered in a fresh new way!

Let's face it, trying to convince kids that concert band is as cool as marching band is like trying to sell them on the idea that Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is more exciting than Space Mountain.

We all know that your concert program is critical to the success of everything else you do.  Try convincing a group of teenage performance junkies of that fact. Gone are the stadium lights. Gone are the weekly performances. The void left by the loss of student leadership can be profound for some kids. 

Unplugged offers an opportunity to not only change all of that, but help retain your students for next year!

Designed with a less "intense" approach and centered around practical applications in the concert band setting, Unplugged combines leadership training and music rehearsal.

  • Advanced preparation on all scores including listening to recordings of your group
  • A three hour music/leadership clinic with the students in both a workshop and rehearsal format
  • Pre-post Skype events 
  • All associated travel costs
  • A copy of Scott's student leadership application (which he can help implement while he is there)
  • Pre and post conference with the director

Don't just say that concert season is more important than marching season, prove it by hosting your very own Unplugged workshop and clinic!