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At Scott Lang Leadership we specialize in serving the music education community.  Whether you are looking for a live student workshop, teacher in-service training, online coursework or resources that you can create your own curricula, we got you covered. Scott's unique outlook and high power presentation style will create an immediate and lasting impact on your students, program and school community!  Not sure which route to go?  Don't worry...

Every person who spends time with Scott walks away a changed person for the better!
— Soo Han, Carmel High School


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I knew his workshop would be good, but I didn’t know it would be THAT good!
— Darrin Davis, Broken Arrow High School

Your online leadership solution!

You have ENOUGH to do...

The whole purpose of having student leaders is to have LESS work, not more. Let your students take ownership of their own learning and leading by enrolling in course #1.

When completed, you will be AMAZED and INSPIRED not only by what they have learned, but by what they have achieved.

Great student leaders for next year start with the training and selection process this year so take help your program take the next step by helping you train and select you best leadership team ever!


No one teaches with more intensity, passion and energy than Scott Lang!
— Scott Rush, Author & Music Supervisor
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