Workshop options

Student Workshop Options

Scott offers a wide variety of services that can help any group maximize their potential and desire for greatness. We have a format and style to meet any need and any budget including:

Single Group Workshops: Scott works with your group and your group alone. The contents can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your organizational needs and thus provides the greatest possible impact. The workshop is broken up into two hours with your entire group and one additional hour with just the leaders. 

Multi-Group Workshops: Multi-group workshops are formatted similar to the single group events, but involve more than one group. Because you are splitting the costs with another group and can save up to 40%.  

Leadership Success LIVE workshops: Simply stated, it is a low cost, high impact two and a half hour leadership workshop for designed for current and future leaders. The details/registration are listed on the next page.

Scott Lang Unplugged: This three hour experience is specifically designed and developed to enhance the concert band experience. By embedding leadership techniques and concepts inside a concert band clinic, Scott has created a unique way to help students learn how to not only be better musicians, but better people. Delivered in a less intense but equally impacting way, this unique clinic/rehearsal experience will help take your concert ensemble to the next level.

Music Education Conventions/Events

In addition to his student centered workshops, Scott is a highly sought after presenter for music education organizations. His energetic presentation style and unique perspective makes him among the most sought after presenters in our profession.

Educational Institutions

Scott Lang Leadership offers a wide variety of services for educational institutions. Whether you are looking for leadership products or an in-service speaker, Scott Lang Leadership should be your home for personal development resources.