I am a loser

This past weekend…

- My high school team lost
- My (son’s) flag football team lost
- My college team (Arizona State) lost
- My pro team (Buffalo Bills) lost
- And BOTH my fantasy football teams lost

I ask you:

1)  Did I let that hurt me?
2)  Do you hear me complaining?
3)  Do you hear me making excuses?
4)  Did I just lay down and give up?
5)  Did I run to Canada, or even Vermont?
Answer key:

1.  Yeah! It really did!
2.  Are you not paying attention? Of course I am complaining. I'm doing it right now!
3.  No, but someone is going to get a tersely worded memo about this.
4.  I am writing this from my bed, where I have been in the dark for 42 consecutive hours.
5.  No, but in full disclosure, I seriously considered it.

I may be down and out from all of this looserness, but not you. You are smarter than me.

For many of you, the coming days and weeks will be filled with season ending events in which only one group will be crowned a champion. And though it might not be your ensemble, it will not keep you from making something of the moment. Whether you “win” or “lose" there will likely be tears of joy and sadness. Regardless of where your group may fall on the spectrum of competition, you will see the moment for what it is, an opportunity to teach and educate the young people you work with.  They will learn through your words. They will learn through your actions. They will learn through your hugs, smiles, and perhaps tears. They will learn!

Just because your performance or season is over doesn’t mean your done teaching. In fact, the most important teaching moment is about to happen. Win or lose, teaching continues.