Things I wish you knew...

My brother recently sent me Today Show piece called “Things I Wish My Teacher Knew About Me.” The story was about a teacher who asked her second grade students to tell her something that they wished she knew about them. The results were equally heartwarming and alarming. You can watch the Today Show piece here. I wondered what it would look like to alter the question to be, “Things I wish my students and parents knew about me.” Or, “Things I wish my colleagues and administrators knew about me.”
Seeing this as a great topic for this week’s e-zine, I sat down and began to write. After about ten minutes of clacking keys, I realized that in my zeal to capture the moment, I was missing the point. This was an opportunity for me to share with you the things I wished you knew about me. So whether you like it or not, here goes.
I wish you knew...

  • How nervous I still get each time I stand in front of a group of kids... really I do
  • How AMAZING I think music kids are and even more amazing I think music teachers are
  • How I think that the level of music education in this country is better than ever before
  • How flying never gets old for me… never!
  • How hard I try to present a different and authentic point of view that make people think
  • How much time and effort my team and I put into these newsletters. Trying to be thought provoking, relevant, and entertaining each week is lots of pressure
  • How much I love Atomic Fire Balls and Lemonhead candies
  • How much of what you see of me is a reflection of my team (Julie, Clayton, Paul, & Leah).
  • How much I miss seeing the same kids/students every day
  • How truly fortunate I feel to get to do what I do… TRULY

I could share more, but honestly, I’m not sure you want me to.  If you want to share with me, I would like to know. What is something you wish I knew about you?