Everything I need to know about stocks I learned in music

Yesterday’s eleven hundred point free fall of the Dow sent ripples through corporate boardrooms across America as CEOs made crucial decisions about whether to buy or sell their summer homes in the Hamptons. Uber seized the moment and decided to start up a division of ride sharing among yacht owners. Disneyland renamed Space Mountain "The Dow" and now no one will ride it.  
I’m no Jim Cramer, but I’m just saying, things got real yesterday.
Keep in mind that nothing significant happened on Sunday to trigger the events of Monday. There were no cataclysmic events or country wide collapses. Greece remained solvent while Karl Icahn and Warren Buffett took the day off. In fact, absent any other information, I can only assume it had something to do with the launch of Be Part of the Music. I promise to tell you next time before I launch a major initiative so you can clear out your 401K before I involuntarily extend your teaching career.

Through it all, unfounded fact and speculative innuendo pundits, pontificators, and Chicken Little imitators ran around screaming sell, SELL, SELL! when in fact, we know that panicking only makes it worse and further increases the free fall. In situations like these, it is best to stay the course and look for the horizon far ahead.

I’m not trying to oversimplify a complex issue but a friend of mine who works in finance always says, “It’s not about the timing in the market, it’s about the time in the market!" I feel the same way about rehearsals, it's not about your students timing, it's about them putting time in!

If today was a good day, it’s just one day.
If today was a bad day, it’s just one day.
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are just one day!

For you and your students sake, remember, that each and every rehearsal are just one step in the long journey of a season and that each and every day are just one step in a long journey towards excellence. After all, your portfolio and your season is not defined by just one day!