Who's the Yahoo now?

In what seems to be an aptly named company, as a part of Verizon's acquisition yesterday, YAHOO is preparing to offer Marissa Mayer a $57 million severance package for a four year failed tenure. And yes, this is on top of her compensation which totaled over $162 million.
Me? I got me a music degree! Yep, that's right. I negotiated a compensation package that included a salary equivalent to Mayer's clothing allowance, an uncovered parking space, unlimited weekend use of a not-so charter bus, and no paid vacation! Talk about the Art of the Deal... Nailed it!

Hey YAHOO, I will be your new CEO and I will do it on the cheap! Business experience is required? No problem!

Years ago, as an act of self indulgence and professional punishment, I analyzed my music program as if it were a business and the results were almost alarming. Treating my students as paid employees and the rehearsal/performance schedule as our work week, I created a spreadsheet that showed my program for what it was, a business!

New business cards were ordered with the title CEO under my name! Why not? My business had 203 employees and annual payroll liabilities in excess of $1.7 million! This didn't even include any costs associated with facilities, benefits, equipment, technology, or transportation. After consulting with my local chamber of commerce, I discovered that my 170 piece marching band would have been a top three employer in my city, with me as the CEO! Business classes, you ask? I didn't take any. In fact, I barely survived 20th century harmony (an oxymoron if there ever was one).

Yes, you run a business! Granted, the pay and perks may not quite measure up to other CEO's, but the ROI (return on investment) is off the charts!

So who's the YAHOO now?