Power, influence, and thought leaders...

Long late night flights and my inability to sleep in moving vehicles gives me ample opportunity for my mind to wander and ponder about all things music education. There is something special about traveling at night.  Seeing the lights below and moon lit clouds above puts me in a reflective and thoughtful mood. Last night was one such night.

While crossing over the plains of Texas and Oklahoma (at least that’s what the pilot said), I engaged myself in an internal discussion about where music education would be in the next 25 years. To that end, I made a list of the people I felt were most important in music education. It didn’t take long for me to realize that “important” was too broad, so I broke the list down to three sub categories: the powerful, the influential, and the thought leaders. It was interesting to think through all of the different areas associated with music education (instruction, industry, non-profit, advocacy, events, etc.) and curricular areas (band, choir, orchestra, general music).
I know that if you had asked me twelve months ago my list would be very different than it is today and I suspect it will continue to change over time.
My question is, who is on your list? If you are so inclined and willing, I would love it would hit “reply” or click here and share your thoughts.  Perhaps one or two names for each area?  I know you are too busy for this, but I have another long plane flight tomorrow and I need something to think about.