A Night of Firsts!

Admit it... There's a secret part of you that is excited that football is FINALLY here. Gone are the long days of band camp and basics. Gone is the smell of sunblock and teenage sweat. Gone is band camp and the all day rehearsals that came with it. It's time to ditch the tennis shoes and white t-shirt and see the kids in uniform!

  • Friday night will be full of "firsts."
  • First time loading the bus.
  • First time putting on a uniform.
  • First time performing in front of a crowd.
  • First time under the stadium lights.
  • First pep assembly.

Yes, your students will experience these memorable moments and more. They are also likely to experience their:

  • First "time tear."
  • First electronic malfunction.
  • First time when the melody can't be heard because of the drum line.
  • First panic attack.
  • First time losing their flip folder under the bleachers.
  • First time being out of step.

Yes, today will be full of firsts, but not "lasts," as all of these things will occur again (and again and again).

Knowing that the first performance is special, I encourage you to sit back, enjoy, and take it all in. There will be plenty of time for reflection and rehearsal next week, but this performance is different. It's special. It's the first one and THAT won't happen again.

This Friday, take the time to enjoy the look of terror on the face of your first time marchers. Look away from the field and enjoy the beaming smiles of their parents. Enjoy being under the lights instead of the burning hot sun. Enjoy the feel of fresh cut grass under your feet instead of hot asphalt. Enjoy the look of pride and excitement you see in your seniors' eyes. Enjoy watching the sophomores council the freshman with their newfound wisdom.

Enjoy watching friendships being forged while memories are made. Enjoy the lives you have touched and the impact you have made.

Friday night won't be perfect. It may not even be good. But it sure beats the alternative: kids with nothing to do, no friends to do it with, and no music in their lives!

ENJOY Friday night!